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The roof over your head is arguably the most vital and integral part of your home or business. Your roof protects your loved ones, your priceless family heirlooms, and all of your valuables. Or if it is the roof over your commercial business, then your roof protects your thriving business and all of your expensive business assets. Bottom line- you need to maintain your roof and help it hold up to all that mother-nature may throw at you! We are Garden City Roofing Pros, and we are here to help you with all of your roofing needs!

About Us

Our company has been servicing the Garden City, KS region for many years. We have been able to provide high-quality outcomes many times in the past. We are ready to do what we must to provide you with the outcome that you can count on. Best of all, we are going to get the work done at the best prices in town. Our customers’ satisfaction speaks volumes and is the key reason for all of our success. Our customers keep referring others to us and continue to come back to us for our services year after year. We love making our customers happy in Garden City, KS, and the surrounding area!

Our Roofing Services

The services that we provide are reliable roofing solutions to individuals who want to get a high-quality outcome. We are hard-working individuals who have been able to provide long-lasting results for many years. We are going to ensure that we use the best tools on the market for you. Our work holds up to the test of time. All of the tasks we complete are done with equipment and materials that are the best on the market. Our team has invested in the right people, equipment, and products because we value high-quality outcomes for our clients and customers. You will find our team of professionals friendly, professional, hard-working, detail-oriented, and consistently deliver the results you want on time and budget. Call us today to discuss your roofing needs, and we will answer all of your questions!

Our roofers know what to watch out for and how to prevent more damage later down the road. Our team are also experts at replacing your residential roof. We handle all tear-off and removal of the old materials – there won’t be a sign of the old roof left! We offer many different material and color choices for your new roof as well.

Metal roofing is increasing in popularity. A metal roof will last decades, sometimes even a hundred years, depending on the type of metal used and the quality of the installation. Metal roofs increase the value of your property, too, while looking great! We offer metal roofs in a wide variety of colors to choose from, to match the rest of the exterior of your home, pulling it all together perfectly!

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing choice. They are the most affordable and come in a wide array of colors too. Asphalt shingles can last from 15 to 30 years, depending on the quality and weight of the asphalt shingle used. Call us today for all of your residential roofing questions and needs. We would love to schedule you a free consultation today!

We offer many different solutions, venting options, and roofing materials and colors for you to choose from. Our team also understands that your business is a thriving enterprise, and you need us out of your hair as quickly as possible! We work as quickly as possible, and we stick to time tables we give you.

Don’t let that small leak go – you will soon forget about it! We are happy to evaluate your roof’s shape and repair any leaks or potential vulnerabilities before they become significant issues. A minor leak can quickly cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage – or even much more! Protect your valuable business assets by maintaining your roof over your business. Call us today with all of your commercial building roofing needs or questions. We would love to schedule a free estimate with you today!

While you are already working with the banks on financing, a new roof should not be an area that you shave costs by purchasing the cheapest option. While it may add a few dollars to your mortgage, you will ultimately save more money in the long run by choosing a roof that will give you the longest lifespan and greatest efficiency for your heating and cooling bills. For your home, your utility bills can make a huge difference for your family’s budget.

When all of your air conditioning and heating is escaping through a cheap roof, you can see up to a 25% increase to your bills. When added up to the cost of financing a new roof during the new construction process, you’ll quickly see that you can get a much better roof with higher quality materials and efficiency for a cheaper price each month. This is also true in commercial properties, especially when customers or staff members are frequently coming in and out of the doors. All of the outside elements can throw off the temperature efficiency of the building but if you are properly insulated and roofed, it will reduce the variance of your temperature.

Loose and missing pieces of the roof make the house or commercial property seem beaten down even though things are much better inside. If you take care of the outside, you are more likely to increase customer visits to the business regardless of the industry. Bad roofs ruin the vibe both within and outside the premises. Do not underestimate their effect. You also get guaranteed perks with the replacement. New systems courtesy of professional roofers like Garden city roofing pros come available with attractive warranties. It is not too much to ask considering the money spent on the replacement. Having a stable warranty will afford you peace of mind.

Replacing the roof is a good investment. Most homeowners may be discouraged because it is not the cheapest thing to do. However, we can offer competitive rates depending on what needs to be done. The value for money estimates, on average, indicates that a sound roofing system has a return on investment of 70 percent. That means you are likely to get back at least 70 percent of what you paid for the replacement when it is time to sell the property. So it is not just sinking your money into a hole. It is an investment that will reap a lot of dividends if you choose it. We strive to make the process as painless and convenient as possible. From the time the agreement has been signed, we can start the replacement process as soon as possible. We always strive for the best experience that will provide you with the roof your home or business needs.

There is a dangerous health environment created by these for employees and customers. Hiring a company to take care of mold removal or replacing the roofing would cost much more than initiating roof inspections twice a year. The openings can also become a haven for insects and rat infestations, both of which can damage the roofing and create a health problem for your family. There are other warning signs as well to show that your roof needs repair. If you see either of these symptoms, then it may be time to call us up so we can respond in time and get your roof back in shape.

Gutter Granules

Check the gutters after storms and extreme weather to search for these granules, especially if you have a composite of asphalt-type roofs. The reason for this is they can shed and break because of wear and tear. The granules look similar to black sand, and if they are in large quantity, then it is a sign the roof needs extra attention. It can also be from aging shingles.

Presence of sagging spots

If the roof has a sag, then it means it has to be repaired as soon as possible. Droops within the roofing usually result from trapped moisture, which has increased the weight on the structure. When you get to the sagging spots, work your way upward. If you see the sagging source, then call up our team and attend to the problem as soon as possible.

Search for green spots

When there is water within the roofing palates, it may cause moss to begin growing, particularly under shaded areas. Moss may accumulate on the roofing because of the still water trapped. The moisture does not escape, so it combines with the biodegradable materials there and begins decomposition, which stimulates mold, moss, and fungi. Though small patches of the moss may not be much of an issue, but if it is widespread, then rot is definitely an issue.

Peeling layers of paint

When the walls start to blister, it may be because of poor ventilation within the roofing as moisture enters, but there is hardly any which escapes. The moisture, in turn, increases the levels of humidity within the walling, and they become wet. The result is blistering and paint peeling off. It does lead to water damage as well. When this becomes apparent, please call us up before the problem becomes more severe.

We know that the cost of a new roof can be expensive. Instead of dealing with that hefty fee, call our team for a roof repair and save yourself the trouble of worrying about big repair bills when the damage is too much. Whether you need a roof leak repair or whether you need shingle roof repair, we are going to be able to provide you with a reliable solution. We have a lot of experience working on flat roofs and aluminum roofs. There is nothing too difficult for our team. We are well-trained and have a diverse skill set.

Roof penetrations

The penetrations would mean drains, piping, and other elements which go through the surface of the roof. These penetrations, which the team will inspect, are pretty susceptible to leakage. It is good to examine the HVAC units, gas liners, conduits, and rain collars. Should we find the penetration is damaged, we can fix a diagnosis to assess the extent of the damage and then commence the repairs.

Assessment of the roofing surface

We do visual evaluations of the roof’s surface to detect potential problem areas. For example, on the built-up roofing, we would search for places with missing gravel or exposed felts. The team will also look for cracks or fasteners back out on the single ply roofing. Inspection of sealant: our team will search for caulking problems like deterioration, crazing, and other openings. Any sealant failures can be found from penetration and perimeter flashings.

Even if we don’t find prominent issues while doing the roof inspection, the goal is to prevent leaks before they happen. Our inspections can illustrate those areas of deterioration that will need minor repair. The repairing of these issues can become significant problems will save thousands of dollars later on. These are tasks that are cumbersome and require the right resources to implement effectively. We are professionals hence why we would be the best option to take on your repair and maintenance.

Apart from the scheduled maintenance performed, we also advise inspecting the roofing following a significant major weather event. Extreme weather is inevitable, but it can be quite jarring to the property as the roof is the first line of defense. So, it experiences the main effects concerning the wind and rain. Strong winds may tear the roofing during a storm, while rain will pool if the drains are not clear. Standing water may also find ways of seeping into the living quarters while causing water damage on the walls of your home.

We know that the cost to replace a roof can be a lot. Instead of dealing with that fee, you will be able to count on our team to provide you with inspections, service updates, and other mitigation and maintenance services. We know that we will be able to provide you with a fair and affordable solution.

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